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Want to find out more about Casino Cabbie, the principles that guide our site and how to get in contact with us? Keep reading below!

Casino Cabbie is not your average, run-of-the-mill casino review site; we are much more. Trading in the currency of data, we deliver the most reliable casino reviews and industry guides on the market. We're the gold standard of review sites in the US. We present you with the facts, plus expert analysis that enables you to make those usually difficult gambling decisions, like where to play, easily. With data on every facet of casino gaming across the US, you'll have no issues narrowing down your gaming choices when using Casino Cabbie. Helping you get a great gaming experience is what we do best.

Who is Casino Cabbie?

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Casino Cabbie is the site that knows exactly where you want to go in the world of iGaming. Just like a real cabbie, jump in, tell us what you are looking for in an online casino, and we'll take you to your perfect gambling destination.

Like most other casino review and iGaming affiliate sites, Casino Cabbie is created by iGaming experts and industry insiders disgruntled by the lack of clear information about online gambling and casinos in the US, but that's where our similarities with other affiliate sites end.

We differentiate ourselves through our dedication to fact-based reviews and data-driven approach that's quickly creating the largest database of US online casinos to date. Using our casino finder tool, the data from our reviews (over 100+ points on each casino) can be used to narrow down your matching casino options, state-by-state, based on games, bonuses, payment methods, software, and much more.

The availability of hard data and the fact that you can break down our whole site, searching for precisely what you want, makes us better than your average review site.

Our Principles

  1. To put casino players first, ensuring they have reliable information.
  2. To create independent and impartial content based on solid research and facts.
  3. To share our knowledge, expertise, and experience.
  4. To only recommend legal and safe online casinos on a state-by-state level.
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The Casino Cabbie Safety Guarantee

Every casino we recommend comes with the Cabbie seal of approval, meaning it is safe, secure, and above all, licensed in the local vicinity where it offers its services. Safety and security are valid concerns for players, but at Casino Cabbie, we'll never recommend you a casino that is unlicensed or insecure. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the tour!

Licensed Affiliate Site

Casino Cabbie is a licensed affiliate site operating under the laws of the jurisdictions we work in (our affiliate license details can be found on the site footer), meaning all our links, recommendations, and exclusive casino bonuses are above board and 100% legit. Start exploring to get the best deals in town at Casino Cabbie!

  • Casino Cabbie is licensed to advertise New Jersey online casinos by the DGE. Vendor ID: 0091571.
  • Casino Cabbie is licensed to advertise Pennsylvania online casinos by the PGCB.

Meet the Team Behind Casino Cabbie

Alex Tester - The Casino Cabbie Creator

Casino Cabbie is my vision for what a truly exceptional online casino comparison site should be. I'm a huge fan of online casinos and thought that fellow players could use a better standard, so I was inspired to create it myself. I hope you get as much out of using the site as I got out of building it! You can get in touch with me via the contact form on this page, or on LinkedIn - I'd love to hear from you.

Lauren Harrison - The Driver and Editor

Having specialized as a copywriter, casino critic, and analyst for multiple gambling jurisdictions over the last four years, Lauren came on board to help execute the cabbie vision in early 2020. Charged with populating and editing the site, undertaking the research, and collecting the data that is the backbone of Casino Cabbie, you can find out more about Lauren or get in touch with her via LinkedIn.

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Whether you're a representative from a US online casino interested in featuring on our site, or a casino player, we love to hear from anyone interested in online casinos.
If you've got a question, casino complaint, or online experience you want to share with us, get in contact. We're on your side, putting players first and responding to reviews and questions as soon as possible!

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