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VIP Preferred is the go-to choice for ACH transfers and e-checks at most US online casinos. It’s a secure, digital payment system that facilitates two-way payments between your checking account and the casino, so you can use it for both deposits and withdrawals.

The main perks of VIP Preferred are that it offers higher limits, which replenish every 7-days, and as it has an extensive network, you can cash e-checks instantly at over 500 US casino and gaming locations using just your I.D.

Ready to find out more and take a tour of our top VIP Preferred online casinos? Get started with the list of top gaming sites below!

Best VIP Preferred Online Casinos 2021

Should You Play Online Casinos With VIP Preferred?

VIP Preferred 1 Offer instant casino deposits.
VIP Preferred 1 Accepted at more than 500 casinos and interactive gaming locations.
VIP Preferred 1 Has over 3 mil. users.
VIP Preferred 1 Offers high limits (limits are personalized) revolving every 7-days.
VIP Preferred 1 Hassle-free e-check cash access with I.D.
VIP Preferred 1 High success rate where other payment methods fail.
VIP Preferred 1 Swift and safe credit and debits straight to your checking account.
VIP Preferred 1 No need to give the casino your bank details.
VIP Preferred 1 24/7/365 customer support.
VIP Preferred 1 Widely available at online US casinos.
VIP Preferred 1 Banks usually perform ACH transfers free of charge, as do casinos, so you won’t pay a cent!
VIP Preferred 1 Cash up to $500 at the atm.
Eco-friendly payment system.

VIP Preferred 13 Withdrawals to a bank account are not instant. It can take 7-10 days, if not cashing e-check.
VIP Preferred 13 Deposits can bounce with insufficient bank balances.
VIP Preferred 13 Gambling transactions are listed on bank statements.

How to make VIP Preferred Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

VIP Preferred is an integrated casino payment processer. Sign-up occurs at the online casino cashier, physical cage, or any of the 500 VIP Preferred partners.


  1. Pick any of the Casino Cabbie recommended casinos from the top of this page.
  2. Complete the casino registration process.
  3. Head to the cashier and select VIP Preferred.
  4. If you are a new member, click enroll and complete the registration. You’ll need your driver’s license, Bank ABA/Routing Number (9 digits), and bank account details.
  5. After successful enrollment, return to the VIP Preferred deposit page, select your bank account, choose the amount you want to deposit and click “deposit.”
  6. The funds will be deposited into your account right away, as long as it’s within your remaining 7-day limit.


  1. To make a VIP Preferred withdrawal, head to the cashier when signed in to your casino account.
  2. Select VIP Preferred.
  3. Select your bank account or an e-check and the amount you want to withdraw (within the 7-day revolving limit).
  4. Follow any further instructions from your casino.

How Much Can I Deposit and Withdraw at the Casino with VIP Preferred

The amount you can deposit and withdraw at the casino depends on the limits set by each site. Although, many defer to VIP Preferred’s limits and membership boasts significant limits.

Limits are tailored to each account and based on your usage. As the name suggests, this payment method benefits VIPs most. Whatever personal limits you are allowed, the allowance replenishes every 7-days, so allows for large monthly deposits and withdrawals.

For example, if an account is limited to $50,000 every 7-days, this means you can clear at least $200,000 in transactions each month. Plus, according to VIP Pref. each user can have up to 4 checking accounts (technically, with this example, that’s $800,000 per month).

Take Note

VIP Preferred is not a credit lender, and it can only debit your bank with the money you have. If your transaction doesn’t clear, or you don’t have the cash in your bank, it will bounce.
VIP Preferred 16

Payment Waiting Times

  • Withdrawals: VIP Preferred e-checks can be cashed instantly, while ACH (Automatic Clearing House) transfers can take between 7-10 days to arrive. However, you can speed this up by opting for an e-check and then cashing it to your checking account (this has 1-day clearing).
  • Deposits: Instant - straight from your bank to your casino account.
VIP Preferred 17

Mobile Online Casinos That Take VIP Preferred

Whether you’re a mobile or desktop player, VIP Preferred offers fast and secure transactions on all devices. Take a look at our top 5 VIP Preferred mobile casinos.

Background on VIP Preferred at the Casino

ACH transfers have been around for quite some time now (it’s the same electronic transfer technology used to pay all direct debits, taxes, and paychecks). Third-party services (like VIP. Pref.) have flourished in online casinos. They offer a more reliable service than directly using a Debit or Credit Card (like Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) in this market.

In terms of VIP Preferred’s popularity, it’s used by over 3mill. players in North America, and is created and provided by Global Payments (a fortune 500 company, who’ve made their success from ACH payments).

What’s more, as the payment system has been specifically designed for the gambling market, it connects over 500 casinos and gambling establishments in an incredible physical and online payments network.

VIP Preferred online casinos

Who Does VIP Preferred Work Best For?

VIP Preferred is designed for high-rollers who require large limits and those players looking to credit and debit from the casino to their bank account effortless and securely.

Security and Safety of VIP Preferred

VIP Preferred is an exceptionally safe casino payment method. Not only is it designed for this use, but it employs the latest security protocols and technology, using 128-bit SSL encryption to conduct all transactions and store data. And, you’ll never input your bank or credit card details at the casino, which keeps your information safer.

Casino Cabbie stamp of approval

On top of that, VIP Preferred only works with US-licensed gambling establishments, so you know everything is above board at online casinos that accept VIP Pref.

Find Your Perfect VIP Preferred Online Casino Now

Ready to access hassle-free casino deposits and withdrawals directly to your checking account at a few clicks of a button? Then take a look at the casinos listed at the top of this page.

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VIP Preferred Online Casino FAQs

Is it legal to play at an online casino with VIP Preferred?

Yes, VIP Preferred is legal, and it’s the most widely used ACH clearing system for legal and regulated US casinos. The payments comply with UIGEA as VIP Preferred only allows gambling transactions in the states where the activity is legal.

How much can I deposit and withdraw at a VIP Preferred online casino?

It depends on two factors: if the casino sets limits either way (check our casino reviews), and the transaction limits set on your account by VIP. Pref. Account limits replenish every 7-days and can be checked at your VIP Pref. account.

Is VIP Preferred safe?

VIP Preferred is safe and secure. It uses the latest security technology, and the company behind the method has been operating in the industry for 20+ years!

How widely available is VIP Preferred at US online casinos?

Nearly all US online casinos accept VIP Preferred, and it has over 500 physical partners where you can cash in casino e-checks.

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