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Updated on: May 22nd, 2023

We've tested every US online casino with a casino cashback bonus and ranked them for you according to our 100-point review criteria.

Choose your new online casino with a cashback bonus from our curated list below. Not sure how to pick a great cashback online casino? Read on to find out!

Top 5 US Online Cashback Casinos

Get 5-100% casino cashback on net losses
Enjoy a second chance to win
Make your bankroll last longer

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Take Me There

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Take Me There

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Take Me There

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Take a Closer Look at Our Top 5

Casino cashback offers are a new type of deal doing the rounds at US online casinos, and they are particularly appealing to players. Instead of matching your money, this type of bonus refunds cash that you've already lost, making it impossible to lose and keeping the good times rolling.

What is a Casino Cashback Bonus?

A casino cashback offer or bonus is when a gambling site offers players a deal that refunds a certain percentage of their losses. This is a rare type of casino bonus that's becoming more popular and can be given either as a welcome bonus (termed as risk-free betting) or as an ongoing bonus (usually part of a loyalty program).

A cashback bonus is usually aimed at regular players, who've found a gambling site they love to play at, are loyal to, and make repeat deposits at. While it benefits both high and low rollers alike, the more you spend, the more you stand to get back.

Casino Cashback Welcome Bonus

What is a cashback welcome bonus? So instead of offering you a cash match welcome deal, some gambling platforms set a new stride and offer a refund instead. Usually phrased as risk-free betting, it offers all losses refunded across a specific period.

For example, Fanduel currently offers new players who signup and deposit up to $200 cash back on any net losses made in their first 24 hours as a player. All you need to do is deposit, play, and if you don't win, you'll get a second chance to play at the casino!

Cashback Casinos with Ongoing Cashback Promotions

When casino cashback offers are given as a welcome bonus, the percentage refunded is usually 100. But some generous US online casinos also give cashback as a regular bonus. In this case, the rate is generally lower, say 5-25%, but the period you collect the bonus over is longer. For example, a site might advertise 20% of all losses refunded monthly (payouts given on the last Friday of the month).

Which US Online Casinos Have Ongoing Cashback Deals?

As ongoing deals are subject to change, you might find cashback offered at other US online casinos, but right now, the only one we've seen offering this type of bonus often is:

  • Party Casino: Claim a 10% cash refund on the weekend loses up to $100, and VIPs can earn permanent cash refunds as part of the loyalty scheme on this platform. Click the link and find out more!

How are Cashback Bonuses Calculated?

Most cashback casinos work on the loss model, refunding players a percentage of what they've lost. However, this is as a total over the promotional period. Let's look at FanDuel's welcome offer again as an example. The deal's language states that 100% of net losses are refunded up to $200.

So, there's a $200 strict cap, you can't get more in cash refunded than that, and the deal is calculated on net losses, which means your wins are deducted from your losses, and the cashback is given on that amount.

For example:

  • You deposit $200, and you win $500 on one lucky bet, but you still lose $140 of your original deposit. Your cashback is zero because, overall, you're still $360 up.
  • You deposit $200 at Fanduel and claim this cashback promo. You lose all $200 in your first 24 hours as a player. The casino will refund you the whole $200.

Technically, you probably won't be complaining if the first scenario comes true, as you've won, but it's essential to know how the site calculates the deal.

What to look for in the best Casino Cashback Promos

Like all bonuses, there are some details to be aware of and elements to compare when taking a casino cashback offer, especially if you want to get the best deal.

  • Higher percentages: Higher percentage bonuses are always better: this is a hard and fast rule, the bigger, the better with this casino bonus.
  • Higher caps: Again, the higher the total cash cap on a cashback deal, the better.
  • Included games: Some sites will list certain games as included or excluded in casino cashback offers. This is usually to do with the RTP/ house edge of the game. For example, Poker and Blackjack are often excluded from these deals as the house edge (casino profit margin) on this type of game is <1%. As the casino is already earning only a small profit on this game, they don't want to give a refund on it, which is fair game. For you, this means you need to check the bonus's terms and conditions to ensure your favorite games are included in the cashback bonus before opting in.
  • Casinos with good reputations and US licensing: Whenever you're looking for a casino to join and a bonus to take, it's critical to make sure you choose an online gambling site that is licensed in the US state that you are playing from and that the site has a good review score, from experts like us.

What About Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements don't usually come with this type of bonus. Why? Because the casino is simply refunding some of the cash you've already spent back to you, they're not giving anything away from their pocket, so you can usually withdraw a cashback bonus as soon as it's granted - should you wish.

Benefits of Casino Cashback Bonuses

casino cashback offers 4 You get a second chance to win and play.
casino cashback offers 4 It makes losing more fun and less risky.
casino cashback offers 4 Your bankroll will last longer.
casino cashback offers 4 No wagering requirements.
casino cashback offers 4 Most players are eligible and can benefit from this type of casino bonus.

Cashback Casinos FAQs

What is a cashback bonus?

A cashback bonus is when a casino refunds a percentage of your losses over a certain period. The exact details of the deal depend on the casino. If you want a better idea, look at the sites listed on this page; they all offer excellent bonuses.

Why do casinos offer cashback deals?

This is an excellent question because the site has already won your money fair and square, so why bother giving some back? Well, it's all about player loyalty and enjoyment. Online casinos want their players to have a fantastic time playing at their sites (as well as earning your money), so the most generous sites are willing to give some of their profits back to ensure this happens.

What is the best US cashback casino?

TwinSpires is currently our top pick of US online cashback casinos. You can learn more about all the top-notch promotions and games at this casino via our TwinSpires Casino Review.

What percentage of cashback can I earn at online casinos?

This depends if you are opting for a cashback welcome bonus or an ongoing deal. The welcome offer is usually 100%, whereas ongoing bonuses are generally between 5-25%; the amount depends on the casino.

Do I need a bonus code to claim a casino cashback offer?

Not if you use our site; instead, simply click the "Take Me There" button for any of the online casinos on this page, and you'll automatically qualify for the cash refund deal, no bonus codes, and no faff!

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