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Updated February 22nd, 2023

Best Online Roulette Games Learn how to play roulette and the best online roulette casinos

Welcome to Casino Cabbie’s Roulette guide. You’ll find our best roulette casinos and a full guide to online variants, strategy, and how to play on this page. If you already know your way around the Roulette table and would rather head straight to our top real money casinos - go ahead. Otherwise, sit back, relax and take the Cabbie tour of online roulette in the US.

✅ Online roulette offers RTPs of 94-97%+.✅ Play for free and real money at US online casinos.✅ Win more with roulette strategy.

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Best US Roulette Casinos 2023



6 Roulette Games
$1.00 - $ Min/Max Bet
Roulette Games Tournaments: No
Betrivers.net Review
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Pulsz Casino

1 Roulette Games
Roulette Games Tournaments: No
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Deposit up to $19.99 and get a max of 38,250 Gold Coins and 30 Sweepstake Coins
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Fortune Coins

Roulette Games
Roulette Games Tournaments: No
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Gambino Slots

Roulette Games
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You can legally play online roulette at real money casinos if you’re located in NJ, PA, DE, MI, CT, or WV. If you’re not living in or visiting one of these states, you cannot play online roulette for money, but you can use a sweepstakes casino or play our free-play roulette games.

How to Play Roulette

  1. Select a Casino Cabbie rated and recommend roulette casino.
  2. Register and claim a welcome bonus.
  3. Select a roulette game to play.
  4. Choose your bet size and place the chips on the portion of the roulette track you are betting on.
  5. Once all bets are placed, the roulette wheel is spun.
  6. When the wheel and ball come to a stop, any bets on the corresponding outcome are paid. The house claims any losing bets.
play online roulette at top us online casinos

History of Roulette: Roulette is a French game created in the 17th century by physicist, inventor, and mathematician Blaise Pascal.

Aim of the Game: The objective of the game in roulette is to bet on the outcome of the wheel spin when a ball is dropped onto it in the opposite direction. A standard roulette wheel has pockets numbered 0-36, which the ball can land in. Corresponding bets are laid on the roulette table.

US Real Money Roulette: What Variants Can You Play?

There’s nothing quite like laying a bet on roulette and watching the wheel spin to deliver the outcome - it’s nail-biting gameplay that’ll have you on the edge of your seat. These are the most common casino roulette types that you can play for real money and demo mode (if you want to play free roulette games) at online casinos.

  • European Roulette: This is the roulette variant with the highest RTP and lowest house edge, as the roulette wheel has 36 numbers and a single zero. European Roulette usually has an RTP of 97%+ (2.6% house edge).
  • American Roulette: American Roulette differs from European Roulette only by adding an extra zero to the wheel; this increases the house edge to 5-6%, reducing typical RTPs to 94-95%.
  • French Roulette: French Roulette offers french bet types, and if the ball lands on zero when you’d laid even money bet, you’ll get 50% of your stake back.
  • Multi-Wheel/ Ball Roulette: Multi-wheel and ball variants as designed for players that live in the fast and want to bet on the outcome of multiple wheels or balls simultaneously.
  • Mini Roulette: Mini Roulette is a less popular and newer variant played with only 12 numbers on the wheel and a single zero.

Live Dealer Roulette

The fun doesn’t end there and if you want to supe up your online roulette experience, trying a live dealer variant is a must. Live dealer roulette allows you to enjoy real-time gameplay, streamed directly to your desktop or phone while you engage with the dealer, and set your bet/s live. Close-up, high-quality camera shots capture every move.

Unlike the RNG variants discussed above, game software doesn’t control the outcome in live roulette. Instead, the dealer runs the game, just like in a brick-and-mortar casino, so many players prefer live versions.

play live roulette for real money at evolution gaming casinos

Live American Roulette & Classic Roulette: Both of these live roulette options are standard variants. The classic option comes with a single zero and lower house edge; the American option has a double zero and higher house edge.

play real money live roulette at us online casinos

Live Lightning Roulette: Lightning Roulette is a multi-award-winning title that gives massively multiplied payouts for Straight bets. Plus, between 1-5 lucky numbers can be struck by lightning in each round, awarding extra multiplier wins between 50-500x. If you’re looking for electrifying gameplay, this is the variant for you!

Roulette Table Limits and Bets

RNG roulette table limits usually begin from $0.10 up to $5,000. With live variants, bets start a little higher at $1. It’s also possible to find VIP or high roller tables where the upper limits are raised as high as $20,000 (see DraftKings Casino), so there’s a table for every type of player.

Understanding Roulette Bets and Payouts

The type of bets you can lay and the payouts are where things get a little more complicated because you don’t just have to bet on straight numbers; you can also bet on groups, colors, odd, and even numbers. Let’s take a closer look:

Inside Bets: These are placed on a single number or groups of numbers. Statistically, inside bets are less likely outcomes from the spin, so they have higher payouts.

  • Straight Up (French roulette - En Plein): This is a bet or multiple bets on single numbers. This is the most challenging type of bet to win and pays 35:1.
  • Split (A Cheval): Bet on two numbers with one chip by placing your bet on the dividing line between two numbers for payouts of 17:1.
  • Street (Transversal): This is a single bet placed on three numbers; simply pop your chip/s down on the outside border of the three numbers for payouts of 11:1.
  • Corners (Carre): Placed on four numbers that form a square, place your chips on the intersection where all four numbers meet. If you win, it pays 8:1.
  • Five Number Bet (American Roulette only): Placed on the 00, 0, 1, 2, and 3 spaces, should any of these numbers win, the payout is 6:1.
  • Line (Sixain): Lay this bet on the outside borders of the six numbers you want to bet on for payouts of 5:1.

Outside Bets: Place outside bets on propositions, like the ball landing in an odd or red number. As the outcome is more probable, outside bet pay less than inside bets.

  • Column (Colonne): Alongside the outside of the betting track, you’ll see 1st, 2nd, 3rd row. Place your chip here to bet on any of the numbers in that column. Payouts are 2:1.
  • Dozen (Douzaine): Similar to column bet, this time, you’re betting on 12 numbers for payouts of 2:1.
  • High or Low Number (Passe et Manque): Place a bet on all the low numbers (1-18) or the high numbers 19-36 for even money payouts of 1:1.
  • Red/Black (Rouge et Noir): This is another even-money bet where you're simply wagering that either a red or black number will win.
  • Odd/Even (Impair et Pair): This is the same as the red or black bet. However, you're betting on all odd or all even numbers, this time for payouts of 1:1.
roulette 18

How to Start Playing Roulette Online

  1. Select a casino and click the link provided.
    2. Register and claim a welcome bonus.
    3. Pick a roulette game to play.
    4. Choose your bet size and place the chips on the portion of the roulette track you are betting on.
    5. Once all bets are placed, the roulette wheel will spin.
    6. When the wheel and ball come to a stop, any bets on the corresponding outcome are paid with the house claims any losing bets.
    7. Bet and repeat.

Strategy for Beginners: How to Win Online Roulette

While the outcome of the roulette wheel is based on luck on the luck of the spin, so you can’t influence the result, you can improve your chances of winning with real money roulette by following these easy to follow tips:

play free games first

Play Free Games First

Practice stops players from making rookie mistakes; it’s also a great chance to check out different software options and variants with roulette free games. When you opt for a roulette free game, you won’t spend a cent, and you can learn how to lay the bets we covered above in person.

know roulette variants: play european or french

Know Roulette Variants: Play European or French

If you want to maximize your chance of scoring higher payouts and winning more, play European or French Roulette. Unlike American Roulette, these variants have a lower house edge as they only have a single zero on the wheel. Furthermore, French Roulette offers 50% of your bet back if the ball lands in zero on an even money bet (red/black, odd/even ext), giving you even more advantage as a new player.

lay outside bets

Lay Outside Bets

Outside bets are easier to win and provide the greatest chance of payouts by grouping numbers, so play them, especially if you’re new to roulette.

Advanced Roulette Betting Strategies

These should be tried in free mode at the casino or by experienced players as they can and do encourage risky betting behavior.

the martingale

The Martingale

The Martingale roulette strategy says a player should double their bet after a loss, and at some stage, they will regroup all losses made upon winning.

Risk: High - this betting strategy encourages you to keep doubling and therefore requires a very loose budget as it gets expensive quickly if experiencing losses: you may burn through your bankroll before hitting a win. Additionally, if you hit a streak of losses, you're likely to hit the table limit within 8/10 doubles (if you began with a bet of $10), which brings the whole strategy down.

the reverse martingale

The Reverse Martingale

This is the Martingale strategy in reverse. So you double your bet on every winning round to maximize wins.

Risk: Medium/Low - By reversing the Martingale strategy, the damage of losing massive amounts during a run of losses is minimized. As a positive betting strategy, it also means you maximize wins, and for many players, this makes more sense.

fibonacci system

Fibonacci System

1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21 – 34 – 55 – 89 – 144 – 233 – 377 – 610 – 987

The Fibonacci system simply says, when you lose, increase your bets as shown in the sequence, and when you win, go back two places in the sequence and bet from there.

For example, you start betting at $1 per round (it doesn't matter how much you bet, but the amount counts as a single unit in the sequence), and you lose. The following number in the sequence is 1, so you bet 1 unit again. If you lose this time, on the next hand, you must bet 2 units and so on. When you make a win, jump back two numbers in sequence and keep playing. This strategy is best used for even money (50/50) roulette bets.

Risks: Low - this is one of the safest roulette betting strategies and offers a fun way for less experienced players to try a low-risk betting strategy - experiment away.

Increase Your Bankroll with Real Money Roulette Bonuses

Scoring more and better casino bonuses is one of the best ways to increase your bankroll and therefore play more at the casino, essentially upping your chances of winning. There're plenty of bonuses to enjoy at the best roulette casinos, but two types of deals stand out, cash matches (welcome offers and reload deals) and roulette tournaments.

The worth of a casino bonus isn't judged by size alone, but also the conditions like wagering requirements tied to the deal. Take a look at our best roulette casino bonuses and compare what casinos have to offer.

Compete for Real Money Prizes with Roulette Races and Tournaments

Online roulette tournaments are run differently at each casino, but most commonly, you'll pay a buy-in (or a set price per round) and compete against other site members to score the most points and top the leaderboard. Succeed in the set roulette race, and you'll win a share of the prize pot. Roulette tournaments are a grand bonus option if you want to compete for big prizes as shared pots can vary from $100-20,000, so they are well worth taking a shot at.



✓  Slots from popular and new providers
✓  Live dealer games from Evolution
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Pulsz Casino

✓  Big prize giveways
✓  Simple and clear site design
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Deposit up to $19.99 and get a max of 38,250 Gold Coins and 30 Sweepstake Coins
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Fortune Coins

✓  Collect Fortune Coins and Cashout
✓  Jackpots on all Slots
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Find out more about Playing Real Money Casino Games

Online Roulette FAQs

What is the best roulette casino in my state?

Is online roulette legal in the USA?

It's legal to play online roulette for real money if you are over 21 and located in NJ, PA, DE, MI, or WV at the time of playing.

What is a sweepstakes casino?

A sweepstake casino is a free-play casino like Gambino Slots or Global Poker, where you collect coins for logging in and use them to play online casino games.

Is online roulette rigged?

As long as you play at a legal and licensed US online casino (like the sites we recommend), the roulette games are not rigged. Licensed casinos use a certified RNG and test all games software to ensure it is fair and pays out.

What is the best type of roulette bet?

The best type of bet in Roulette for high payouts is a single number (but this is the least likely outcome, 35:1). The best type of roulette bet for odds of winning is an even money bet (50:50 chances and payouts of 1:1)

Are some roulette numbers better than others?

Betting on groups of numbers or propositions (outside bets, like all red numbers) offers the best chance of winning as the outcome has higher odds.

Which roulette games have the highest payouts?

Play European and French variants of roulette for the best roulette payouts (due to the lower house edge). American Roulette has the lowest RTP and the highest house edge as the wheel has a double-zero (French and European Roulette has a single zero).

How to play online roulette

1. Select a Casino Cabbie rated and recommend roulette casino.
2. Register and claim a welcome bonus.
3. Select a roulette game to play.
4. Choose your bet size and place the chips on the portion of the roulette track you are betting on.
5. Once all bets are placed, the roulette wheel is spun.
6. When the wheel and ball come to a stop, any bets on the corresponding outcome are paid. The house claims any losing bets.

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