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Updated January 17th, 2023
Top RTP Casinos

Top RTP Casinos Online Casinos With The Best RTP

RTP stands for Return to Player, and it is one of the most significant hard data points players have at their disposal when picking between real money online casinos that payout. With almost every online casino rated from 0-100% (based on how much cash they give back to players), it’s never been this easy to identify the sites that, on average, pay the most to their players.

Take a tour of the highest paying casinos in your state and pick an online casino that pays out from the Cabbie accredited list below!

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US Online Casinos with the Highest RTP


Gambino Slots

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Fortune Coins

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Pulsz Casino

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✓  Slots from popular and new providers
✓  Live dealer games from Evolution
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Return to Player Explained

With every casino rated out of 100% based on how much of their betting revenue they return to players and how much the house keeps (house edge), RTP is highly instructive data that players can’t afford to misunderstand. But don’t panic; everything you need to know about RTP can be found here.

While it is possible to score anywhere on the RTP scale, most online casinos have a Return to Player of between 90-98%. The most important things to know about casino RTP are:

  • RTP is reflective of ALL casino revenue (total player bets), NOT an INDIVIDUAL player’s experience. It’s an average and therefore does not indicate the exact amount the casino pays to you when you play.
  • When a casino has a high RTP, this means they return most of the money they make to players, but this accounts for both those players who lose and those who score multi-million dollar jackpots.
  • Suppose a casino has an RTP of 96%: this means for every $100 that players spend, the casino returns $96, with an average profit of $4. This $4 or 4% is called the house edge.

House Edge: The Casino's Profit

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It’s not just the casino with an RTP but also each game. This is how you know that online casino games are fair: the payouts and mechanics are tested to produce the RTP over millions of spins or hands.

So let’s talk about the house edge. Specifically, if games are fair, how is the casino always guaranteed a profit (the house edge)?

The casino has a built-in advantage; think of American roulette. Here, there is a physical representation of the house edge (around 3-6%) because the Roulette wheel features a double zero, and when the ball lands there, the house always wins. This is the built-in house edge.

The house has a built-in advantage in every type of casino game, but RTPs can range from anywhere in the 80s right up to 99% in higher-paying table games like blackjack.

RTP in Casino Games

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Table games and live dealers (also known as games of skill) have the highest casino RTPs. This is because players use skill to decrease risk and increase the RTP of each hand as they play, or if inexperience shines through - the opposite creating an average RTP.

Often games like poker, video poker, and blackjack have RTPs of 97%+, making space for both skilled players to win more and novice players to lose.

Alternatively, with online slots (which are games of chance), the player does not have the opportunity to affect returns: this is based totally on luck, and as such, the average RTP can be much lower. Plus, rather than the player’s skill regulating payouts, the slot volatility does this (volatility describes the slot payout pattern. High volatility means big payouts irregularly, low volatility: smaller payouts more often).

Casino slots have an average RTP of 96%, but different games have altering mechanics, and therefore RTPs and player experience. Still, in the same way, you can use casino RTP to help you find which casinos payout the most on average; you can also use this tactic in picking casino games.

Top 10 Highest Paying US Casino Slots

High RTP Casinos with Big Bonuses

If you’re looking to maximize your casino returns in other ways, then use casino bonuses to ensure you get more casino credits for the amount of cash you spend at the casino!

Keep in Mind

Don’t forget that Casino RTP is an average. While it can tell you, as an overall figure, how much of what a casino earns it returns, it does not indicate your experience at the casino. 
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Casino RTP FAQs

What US online casino has the highest payouts?

Skip up to the top of this page to look at the latest US casinos and their average payouts (RTP).

Do online casinos payout?

Yes, all US licensed casinos payout to players, plus both the games and casino RTP is regularly tested to ensure everything is fair.

What is the highest-paying casino game?

Classic blackjack and video poker have the highest casino RTP.

What does RTP tell me?

RTP tells you the average amount of total stakes a casino returns to players. As it is an average, it reflects total income and total returns, not individual amounts. The higher a casino's or game's RTP, the more it payouts.

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