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Updated on: May 16th, 2024

Video poker doesn't get the casino attention it deserves. Often overshadowed by flashier games like slot machines, you shouldn’t be so quick to overlook this game as it offers some of the highest payouts in the whole casino, a marginal house edge, and easy-to-learn rules and gameplay! Plus, as it's based on draw poker, it delivers a healthy dose of nostalgia, making it the perfect casino game to play!

If you’re looking for the top US-licensed video poker casinos and games to play, you’ve come to the right page! Start with the ranked list of best online video poker casinos below, then work your way through the rest of the page for playing and strategy tips!

✅ Play video poker variants with 100% RTPs. ✅ Claim deposit and no deposit bonuses. ✅ Take your pick of top-class US casinos.


Playing online video poker is legal in the USA if you use a US-licensed casino, are over the age of 21, and are located in a gambling state (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Michigan, or West Virginia). If you're looking for the best online video poker USA, then pick one of our recommended casinos to play at!

At Casino Cabbie, we only recommend US state-licensed online casinos, and as a licensed review site, we don't need to. It's important to gamble with US-regulated sites for several reasons:

US-Licensed Poker CasinosOffshore/illegal casinos
They are legally bound to provide fair and certified games.May not offer fair or tested games. In the worst case, games may be pirated and rigged.
Payout all wins.Do not have o payout.
Advertise and offer safer bonuses that do not encourage irresponsible gambling.Offer huge bonuses to make them more attractive to players.
Must follow US consumer and gambling laws and respond to all players' complaints.Are not accountable to any local rules or players
Must keep players' funds separate from casino revenue.Do not abide by any rules for the separation of player funds.
Offer only US-regulated payment methods.There's a chance that your financial information will be misused if you gamble at a blacklisted casino.
Pays taxes on revenue that is used locally and supports the local economy.Avoid taxes and licensing fees, depriving local economies of revenue.

How to Play Video Poker Online

Video poker is based on 5-Card Draw Poker and is a straightforward version of poker to start playing. The aim of the game is to form winning hands by dropping and keeping cards, according to the paytable.

Each round starts with the player being dealt five cards, then choosing which cards to keep (standing) and which to discard for randomly dealt new ones (hitting), if any.

You only get one chance to make your moves, and once the new cards are dealt, revealing if you've formed a winning hand, the payouts are distributed accordingly.

Video Poker Winning Hands

  • Two of a Kind
  • Full House
  • Three of a Kind
  • Flush
  • Four of a Kind
  • Straight Flush
  • Straight
  • Royal Flush

There are some hand variations in different games (as you'll see below), but for most video poker games that you'll find at the casino, the winning hands are as shown.

Best Online Video Poker Games

There are different variants of online video poker at the casino, and each features slight rule or payout variations. Still, they all follow the same game setup and order of play. These are the leading games you can play at US casinos right now.

  • Jacks or Better (RTP 99.54%): Jacks or Better is standard draw poker, where the basic winning hand is a pair of Jacks, and that's all you need to guarantee a payout. Get any hand lower than a pair of jacks, and you lose the round.
  • Bonus Poker (RTP 99.60%+): Bonus Poker gives higher payouts on four of a kind, which is the bonus hand. Other variants also include Double Bonus Poker - well worth taking for a test drive.
  • Joker Wild/Joker Poker (RTP 100%+): Joker Poker is played with a 53rd card added to the deck, a Joker, which is a wild card and can substitute for any other card in the deck to make a winning hand. The lowest paying hand in Jacks and Better Poker is two pair.
  • Deuces Wild (RTP 100.76%+): Deuces Wild is the most popular variant of online video poker USA and is played with 52 cards and features a double Deuces wild, meaning making winning hands easier!
  • Aces and Eights(RTP 99%+): Aces and Eights offer quadrupled payouts of any four-of-a-kind hand made of Aces /Eights!
  • Tens or Better (RTP 99%+): Very similar to Jacks or Better, Tens or Better pays out when you get a pair of tens and not below.
  • Multi-Hand Video Poker: Multi-hand variants let you play up to 50 hands at once, raising the stakes and creating a high-thrill playing session!
play video poker at top us casinos like betrivers.

How Much Does it Cost to Play Video Poker?

Video poker is one of those games that's an all-around winner. Not only does it offer sky-high payouts, but bets start from just $0.05/10 per hand so anyone can play. But keep in mind that the rounds are quick, so watch your bankroll as you bet.

Which Software Providers Make Video Poker in the USA?

Software providers are operating in this area include IGT, NetEnt, and Spin Games. IGT is the most popular US video poker studio. As such, IGT' 's player-loved Game King and Ten/Five Play (multi-hand) games are available at all US online casinos.

Spin Games offers a less iconic but trendy selection of online video poker games spanning most of the variants we've covered. And if you're looking for something a little more exclusive, head to BetMGM Casino, and enjoy table games and V.P from Win Studios.

Win More with Video Poker Strategy for Beginners

pick a variant, learn the rules and strategy, then practice

Pick a Variant, Learn the Rules and Strategy, then Practice

Free video poker is available at most online casinos (and with us, see the tab at the top of the page to play for free now). Like all casino games that involve skill, the best way to prepare to play and win more is by learning the rules and strategy for that variant. Then practice playing until you're confident and ready to win in real money mode.

In terms of practicing video poker strategy, similarly to Blackjack, there are statistically better moves depending on the cards you have. For each variant, it's possible to find hand calculators, study cheat sheets, and even poker training simulators online; these are must-use free resources for any player looking to improve and win more.

opt for games with the lowest house edge

Opt for Games with the Lowest House Edge

As you've seen, this game offers fantastic RTPs and a marginal house edge. Additionally, it is one of few casino games where it's possible to reach payouts over 100%. So before diving in, check the RTP of the game you plan to play, and make sure you've picked the best option with the lowest house edge.

learn the payout structures and hands

Learn the Payout Structures and Hands

Every video poker variant has payouts based on typical poker hands (with some wild cards). Hence, the best way to prepare to play is to learn poker hands and practice! Then look for the game with the most favorable paytable. Take your time and think strategically, as each variant may have slight differences in the paytable and winning hands.

manage your bankroll

Manage Your Bankroll

Managing your bankroll is about ensuring you set your bet level in a way that allows you to play for long enough to be able to make the most of a game without depleting your balance. Before sitting down for a poker session, consider the game, RTP, how long you'll need to play, and how much you want to spend gambling. Then work out a corresponding bet per hand that allows this. Remember, you should only ever gamble with money you can afford to lose.

claim bonuses to play more for less

Claim Bonuses to Play More for Less

Claiming casino bonuses increases your bankroll, which means you can play for longer and, therefore, be in with a greater chance of winning more - don't miss out, check out our best video poker bonuses below!

What is the Easiest Video Poker Game to Win?

Deuces Wild and Joker Wild Poker variants both offer playing options where you can eliminate the house edge. For example, Deuces Wild has a 100.76% RTP and is one of the only casino games where it's possible to get in front of the casino, AKA as a "Full Pay" game. We recommend you play the video poker variants with the highest payout stats as they payout more.

Casino Cabbie's Top Tips for Becoming a Poker Pro

On the face of things, video poker is not a complex game, but it is one of skill and knowledge. As there are many small paytable and rule variants in different games (hence odds and strategy alterations), we recommend picking one or two game styles and learning those games through-and-through, rather than dabbling with multiple variants.

Which Video Poker Casinos Have the Best Bonuses?

You can sign up and claim video poker bonuses at all our online casinos, but when taking a match deposit bonus with wagering requirements, it's essential to pay attention to a little detail called Game Contribution Percentage (GCP).

Casino Total Bonus Wagering Deadline Secure Link
FanDuel Casino NJ $1000 1x 7 days
FanDuel Casino PA $1000 1x 7 days
FanDuel Casino MI $1000 1x 7 days
FanDuel Casino WV $1000 1x 7 days
Harrah's Casino NJ $100 4x 7 days
Borgata Casino NJ $1000 10x 14 days
Party Casino NJ $500 10x 30 days
DraftKings Casino WV $2000 15x 30 days
BetMGM Casino PA $1000 15x 14 days
BetMGM Casino MI $1000 15x 14 days
BetMGM Casino WV $2500 15x 15 days
Borgata Casino PA $1000 15x 14 days
DraftKings Casino MI $2000 15x 30 days
DraftKings Casino NJ $2000 15x 30 days
DraftKings Casino PA $2000 15x 30 days
DraftKings Casino CT $2000 15x 30 days
BetMGM Casino NJ $1000 15x 15 days
Tropicana Casino PA $250 15x 7 days
Hard Rock Casino NJ $1000 20x 14 days
bet365 Casino NJ $1000 20x 60 days
888 Casino NJ $500 30x 60 days
BetRivers Casino PA $250 1x 30 days
BetRivers Casino WV $500 1x 30 days
BetRivers Casino NJ $500 1x 30 days
BetRivers Casino MI $500 1x 30 days
Harrington Gaming Online $250 1x 1 days
Mohegan Sun Casino CT $1000 1x 7 days
Bally Casino DE $100 1x -
SugarHouse Casino PA $250 1x 30 days
Delaware Park Online DE $250 1x -

How Does GCP Work with Video Poker Bonuses?

GCP is how much your dollar-for-dollar bet counts towards the wagering requirements listed as a term and condition on a cash bonus (these only need to be met if you win and want to withdraw money made with a casino bonus).

For example, casino A offers a 100% match deposit bonus with 5x wagering requirements that state GCP values as 100% for slots, 50% for blackjack, and 25% for poker.

This means for every $1 spent completing the wagering requirements playing video poker, only 25c contributes. This is because online poker has such high RTPs that the casino feels the need to level the playing field when giving away large cash match bonuses.

What are the Best Casino Bonuses For Poker Players?

The best bonuses for poker players are US casino loyalty clubs - so pick a good one- and free tournament tickets. Regular poker players will soon see the perks of loyalty build up if joining one of our top-rated casinos. Other benefits like reload deals or free tournament tickets can help sweeten the deal even further.

Real Money vs. Free Video Poker

Practice makes perfect with poker, especially when it comes down to learning game strategy. Hence, demo mode is the perfect resource for new players, but at some point, it'll be time to test your skills and hit the real money games for cash payouts.

Real Money Video PokerFree Video Poker Games
Casinos reward real money players with big bonuses so you can play and win more.Free play is risk-free and fun.
V.P is one of the only casino games with RTPs of over 100% in some variants.To access the highest payouts, you need to practice; free games give you space to do this and be daring with your moves as you learn.
Playing games of skill for real money is fun and thrilling.You'll have just as much fun playing for free - go on, pick a casino and give it a shot!
V.P is a great training ground before playing live dealer and interstate tournament poker.The biggest downside of demo mode is that you won't win any real money prizes, so it is limited.

Where did Video Poker Begin?

Video poker began in the mid-70s when a union of the TV screen and computer processing tech created the first draw poker machine (it was rather unsteady, and over the next two decades, IGT would play a central role in developing the more modern video poker machine and software we play today).

It would take almost 20 years for the online video poker boom to occur in the USA, but boom, it did, thanks to a mix of authors and gambling experts analyzing draw poker machines and writing about the "Full Pay" mechanics.

One such story that ignited the imaginations of casino goers, in particular, was "Million Dollar Video Poker" by Bob Dancer (a gambler who won a million dollars playing for 5months with just $6K).

Nowadays, because of this trend, it's much harder to find video game terminals on the casino floor, with RTPS topping 98%, but online games are well-known for offering higher payouts than brick-and-mortar casinos!

How to Start Playing Online Video Poker

1. Select a casino and click the link provided.
2. Register and claim a welcome bonus.
3. Pick a video game to play.
4. Set your bet, click deal, and repeat.

Top 3 Video Poker Casinos


DraftKings Casino NJ

11 Video Poker Games
$0.10 - $10000 Min/Max Bet
Video Poker Games Tournaments: No
DraftKings Casino NJ Review
Welcome Offer 100% match bonus up to $2000
100% match bonus up to $2000
Take Me There

Borgata Casino PA

12 Video Poker Games
Video Poker Games Tournaments: No
Borgata Casino PA Review
Welcome Offer 100% deposit match up to $1000
100% deposit match up to $1000
Take Me There

DraftKings Casino MI

11 Video Poker Games
$0.10 - $10000 Min/Max Bet
Video Poker Games Tournaments: No
DraftKings Casino MI Review
Welcome Offer 100% match bonus up to $2000
100% match bonus up to $2000
Take Me There

Find Out More About Playing Real Money Casino Games

Ready to continue your casino adventure? Then, check out more real money casino games and start playing at the USA's best online casinos!

Video Poker FAQs

What is the best video poker casino in my state?

The best video poker casino in your state is DraftKings Casino NJ

Can you make money playing video poker?

Like all casino games, you can win and lose real money playing this game. Video poker typically has a house edge <2%, making it one of the highest-paying casino games.

What is the best video poker game to play?

Deuces Wild and Joker Poker are two of the most popular variants, offering high RTPs and easy game rules.

How to play and win video poker?

1. Pick a game and play in demo mode to get used to the rules and payouts.
2. Head to the real money version, set your bet, then click deal.
3. You'll get 5 cards
4. Decide which of the 5 cards you want to hold and which to swap (you only get one chance), if any.
5. Replacement cards are dealt; if you've made a hand shown on the paytable, you've won. If not, the casino wins.

How much does it cost to play video poker?

Online V.P bets usually start at $0.05-0.10 per hand.

Is online video poker rigged?

When you play at a licensed US casino, the games, software, and payouts are tested and certified as fair. This is one of many reasons why playing at a legal online casino is important.

Do strategies work in video poker?

V.P is a game of skills, so yes, strategies work, like hand charts. In fact, we recommend that you use video poker strategy if you're a new player; it's particularly handy for learning the odds and best moves depending on your cards.

Are video poker and regular poker hands the same?

Yes, although there are some variations in some variants, like Joker Poker and Deuces Wild, where there are also extra wild cards and payouts differ. However, the basics are the same.

Is it better to play single or multi-hand poker games?

This depends on your budget and skill level. If you're a poker pro, then playing multiple hands in a fun and thrilling way to up the stakes, but it's not recommended for new players, as things can get a little complex with so much going on.

Why can I find different strategy charts for the same game?

As different variants of video poker value hands differently and include varying rules (such as the number of cards in play), the odds on different hands and moves change, leading to various strategy charts for different variants.

Do I have to download software to play video poker online?

No, there's no need to download any software to play. Instead, hit up one of our recommended casinos, register, and start playing via your browser instantly.

Can I play free video poker online?

All of our recommended casinos offer demo play, either pre or post-signup. Pick a casino you want to play at, and use the link provided to start playing for free!

Can I play in online video poker tournaments?

There are no US online casinos that currently run video poker tournaments. However, you can play in regular online poker tournaments and even participate in interstate games if you're located in NJ, PA, or MI.

Is playing online video poker legal?

As long as you play at a US-licensed online casino, it's perfectly legal, and you can win real money prizes.