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Updated December 28th, 2022
Slot Tournaments

Slot Tournaments Online Discover everything you need to know to play and win in a slots tournaments

High thrill, great fun, and fast-paced slot tournaments are one of the only ways to supe up the prize potential and go head-head playing against other slot players at an online casino. If you're looking for the top slot tournament casinos, rules of how to play and win, then stay tuned as we take you on the entire tour and prep you to play like a pro in your next slot tournament.

✅ Play at the USA’s best online slot tournament casinos. ✅ Win cash prizes and free spins. ✅ Compete against other players.

Best Online Slot Tournament Casinos USA


Gambino Slots

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Fortune Coins

37 Slots Games
Slots Games Tournaments: No
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Pulsz Casino

291 Slots Games (22 Progressive)
Slots Games Tournaments: No
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Deposit up to $19.99 and get a max of 38,250 Gold Coins and 30 Sweepstake Coins
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356 Slots Games
$0.10 - $ Min/Max Bet
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What Are Slots Tournaments

Slot tournaments are a race between players to make the most money while playing a specific slot game. While the rules and prizes vary from site to site, your objective is always the same: spin, win, top the leaderboard, and walk away with the prize pot.

How Do Slot Tournaments Work?

Slot tournaments are competitions between players who go head-head to see who can win the most playing the same game. While it may sound daunting at first, competing and potentially winning is simple, especially if you follow the slots tournaments strategy tips and tricks you'll find on this page.

Every tournament starts with registration and payment (if you're playing a paid rather than free slot tournament, this money makes up the prize pot). After the registration period, the casino will announce when the game will begin.

When the tournament starts, you will either have a set spending or time limit within which to play. When the competition ends, players are ranked on the leaderboard, with the top player/s winning the prize. Prizes can be anything the casino decides, from 100 free spins to $10,000.

Before playing in a slot tournament, you need to read the rules as each competition varies. Some slot tournaments might be free, while others charge a buy-in and some pay per spin. Additionally, some might last for an hour; others staggered over weeks. Further still, maybe you're competing for total wins, or according to a point system - it's all up to the casino or slot provider (some slot providers also run tournaments, which are then hosted by the casino, rather than the casino organizing it).

Online Slot Tournament Rules

  1. Always Read the Rules: As we’ve explained above, the rules are where you’ll find out everything you need to know about the tournament, including what you need to do and what actions can get you disqualified. Additionally, take note of what you can win and how many players get a prize. This is all critical information if you want to play and win.
  2. Play at the Right Time: If the slot tournament has a particular time in which you need to spin, be sure you are on time and do not exceed the limit.
  3. Use all of Your Credits: Make sure you use all of your playing credits or allocated time, so you win the most you can.
  4. See if You’ve Won: Once you’ve finished the competition, make sure you exit the game correctly and that your score/place on the leaderboard is recorded, then await the final results.

Different Types of Slot Tournaments

We’ve talked about a few different types of tournaments on this page without really naming and defining them, so let’s dive in and give you a little more detail on the kinds of online casino tournaments you’ll find.

Prepaid Tournaments

These are the buy-in-type of competitions previously mentioned. A usual buy-in is around $20, which forms the prize pot you compete for. After registration, you’re given a certain amount of credits to play with. Once you've used them, your score is calculated and added to the board.

Free Tournaments

Free tournaments are free competitions hosted as a bonus, with tickets awarded to certain players and usually free spins or a small prize of casino credits going to the highest-scoring players.

Sit n’ Go Tournaments.

Sit n’ Go tournaments do not have a scheduled start time. Instead, you'll register and wait until the casino’s threshold is met, upon which you’ll get a notification that it’s time to play. These slot tournaments tend to be quicker competitions with smaller prizes offered.

Scheduled Tournaments

Scheduled tournaments are the opposite of a sit ‘n go slot tournament. Scheduled sometimes months in advance, they are highly promoted and can run over weeks or months.

Knock-Out Tournaments

If you’re looking for multi-level action, then knock-out slot tournaments are the one to look for. Offering rounds where the lowest-achieving players are eliminated, this type of tournament turns up the thrill factor and offers big prizes.

Don’t forget to factor in which game a tournament is offered on when deciding which competition to get involved in!

How to Win a Slot Tournament: Top Slot Tournament Strategy

Winning a slot tournament is about scoring the most total wins or points. These tips will help you to achieve that.

  1. Know How the Slot Game Works and How to Play Before You Compete: You can play slots for free in demo mode at most online casinos (you can even check out and play free games with us too - just head to our casino game pages). This is a great and free opportunity to check out the game you’ll play during a tournament and give it a spin. Pay particular attention to the paytable, bet setup, and how to win the biggest prizes. Once you’re familiar with the game, signup for the slot tournament.
  2. Bet Max, Wager all Paylines, and Use all Your Credits/Time Allowance: Most slots offer the biggest prizes for max bet, so hit it, and be sure to use all your allocated time or playing credits so that you play to your full win potential. Similarly, ensure you have all the betlines active, so you have the biggest chance of hitting a win with every spin.
  3. Don’t Get Distracted: Tournaments can be short and face-paced, so minimize all distractions and stay focused on what matters: winning the most.

How to Get Slot Tournament Tickets as a Casino Bonus

Not all casinos offer free tournament tickets, but if you’re playing a site that does, here’s how to find out about them.

  1. Watch the Promos Page: Bonuses that give away free tournament tickets will usually be advertised on the casino’s promotions page, so check in regularly, or sign up for the casino’s marketing emails - this way, they’ll update you with all the latest deals and competitions.
  2. Join the Loyalty Club: Slot tournament tickets and other goodies are often a free perk of a US casino loyalty club, so if your online casino has a club, join it and earn extra points and potentially tournament tickets as you play.

Ready to Start Playing in Top Casino Tournaments?

When you’re ready to start playing, it’s as easy as picking an online casino from this page, claiming a welcome deal, and finding a tournament to compete in! What’re you waiting for? Start spinning to win and top that leaderboard at a US online casino today!

Slot Tournament FAQs

How much does it cost to enter a slot tournament?

This depends on the casinos and varies depending on the rules and the prizes offered. However, the median amount is around $20 for a buy-in tournament.

How to win a slot tournament?

You need to win the most during the set period to win a slot tournament. A couple of top slot tournament strategy tips are always playing the max paylines and bet amount, using all of the time you are given/casino credits to play, and ensuring you know how to play the slot game before you compete.

Are slot tournaments rigged?

Tournaments are not rigged. The games used are tested to ensure they are fair, and each player gets an equal chance to compete.

Can I play in free slot tournaments and win cash?

You can play in free slot tournaments and win cash, and you can also get tournament tickets from some online casinos as a bonus. The best way to find out about free tournament tickets is via a casino’s promotions page or loyalty club.

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