Monopoly Big Spin - At A Glance

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Monopoly Big Spin - Deep Dive

We’re celebrating the 2021 Gaming Intelligence Awards' Game of the Year, Monopoly Big Spin. It’s a one-of-a-kind slot game that borrows from other casino games, like Roulette, and offers low stakes that any player can enjoy, prizes up to 40x in the main game and up to 200x on the money wheel bonus round.

The game opens onto the Monopoly Big spin wheel, filled with segments corresponding to the original Monopoly board (Utilities, Railroad, and Free Parking icons and colors brown, red, blue, and more, that match the Monopoly streets). You’ll see the Minor, Major, and Epic jackpots; roughly 2% of each stake is contributed as these are progressive jackpots.

To play, lay your bets and spin the wheel, Roulette style. If you hit a win, you’ll get the payout. Bet on and hit Community Chest or Chance, and you’ll get to spin the bonus wheel. Win Free Parking or Go, and you’ll get the most significant base game payouts and one or two free spins.

The bonus wheel is filled with Mr. Monopoly symbols paying between 5-200x your bet, and free spins are on the house. The Mega Drops, aka progressive jackpots, can drop at any point, but the higher your bet, the higher your chances.

Start playing 2021’s game of the year at these Scientific Games Casinos. Set your bets from $0.10-700, and away you go!