Best Play+ Casinos ”in” USA US Online Casinos Accept Play+ Deposits and Withdrawals

If you’re looking for a top of the range Play+ casino, then you’ve come to the right page. Play+ is a modern, fee-free payment system and prepaid card that’s designed for casino players. It offers greater flexibility and limits, plus with high casino and player approval rates, you can find Play+ at almost every online betting site.

✅  High deposit limits ✅  Instant transactions ✅  Safe and Secure

Best Play+ Casinos 2021

Should You Play Online Casinos With Play+?

Play+ has plenty of advantages and was created especially for casino payments meaning players who have long suffered issues using credit and debit cards at the casino need no longer worry! What’s more, it’s won many industry awards for innovation to online cashless payments.

Play+ 1 High deposit limits.
Play+ 1 Fast transactions.
Play+ 1 Available at most online casinos.
Play+ 1 Safe and secure.
Play+ 1 Fund with credit or debit card.
Play+ 1 Use at the ATM.
Play+ 1 Card is free and can be branded to a casino.
Play+ 1 Links with bonuses and loyalty programs.
Play+ 1 FDIC insured.
Play+ 1 24/7 access to your Play+ account.
Play+ 1 Customer support available daily.

Play+ 12 $2 ATM fee charge.
Play+ 12 Fees on paper statements and some other services.
Play+ 12 No overdraft limits - prepaid card only.

With so many advantages, a few reasons not to use Play+, the only thing you need to consider is which casino you want to play with: high or low limits?

How to make Play+ Casino Deposits and Withdrawals


  1. Log in or sign up for your chosen casino.
  2. Head to the cashier.
  3. Select Play+ and register for a Play+ account (you will get the chance to fund it from your debit or credit card at this point). To complete the registration will need to input your social security number and date of birth and other details.
  4. Input your casino deposit amount.
  5. Click transfer.
  6. Start Playing!


  1. Sign in to your casino account.
  2. Go to the cashier.
  3. Request a withdrawal via Play+.
  4. Input the amount and click confirm/request/transfer.
  5. Once the casino has processed the payment, your withdrawal will arrive into your play+ account (new players may be asked to complete ID verification upon the first withdrawal).
Play+ 15

How Much Can I Deposit and Withdraw at the Casino with Play+?

According to Play+, limits are designated depending on the program you sign up for (regular or VIP). The standard deposit limits on a regular membership are; $2,000 per day, $4,500 per week, and $10,000 per month. VIP Play+ programs may have higher limits. At any time, players can have up to $25,000 in their account. Theoretically, this means the maximum withdrawal amount is $25,000, but the casino may set specific limits.

Payment Waiting Times

  • Withdrawals: 0-72 hours. Play+ conducts transactions in seconds; it is mostly the casinos’ processing time (0-72hrs in most cases) that will slow down the arrival of your winnings.
  • Deposits: Instant.

Top 5 Mobile Online Casinos with Play+

Play+ is available on any device, so whether you’re a mobile casino or desktop player, make effortless deposits and withdrawals at these Mobile Play+ sites.

What is Play+: “Gaming Payments Meet the 21st Century”

Play+ was created in 2017 by Sightline Payments and has since grown hugely in popularity. With high take-up rates from both casinos and players, it offers smooth and flexible payments, with high limits and an ATM card. Insured by the FDIC, Play+ is an e-wallet that you fund directly from your credit or debit card.

Play+ 16

Designed as a mobile and desktop casino payment method, your Play+ balance is then used to fund your casino account and can be used for fee-free two-way payments. You can then transfer your winnings to your bank, use it to spend in your daily life via the bank card, or withdraw it at the ATM.

Both convenient and more secure (as you’ll never input your bank details at the casino), Play+ has instant casino integration and even supplies you with a casino-branded personal debit card! Plus, as Play+ does not allow for credit, there’s no need for a credit check or to worry about spending cash you don’t have. And it can be linked with exclusive casino loyalty rewards and bonuses.

Using a Play+ Account for Casino Bonuses

As the casino integrates Play+ to its platform, it can also be linked to US casino loyalty clubs and exclusive Play+ bonuses. All you need to do is connect your loyalty club account to your Play+ card (when prompted by the casino), and you’ll be able to use it to claim and spend loyalty points at land-based premises too!

Making a Play+ Account

You can opt to make a Play+ account at any of the US online casinos or sportsbooks they are partnered with.

Play+ 17
  1. You will need to be a casino member (or have a loyalty club number) to create your integrated Play+ account.
  2. Sign in to the casino and go to the cashier. 
  3. Select Play+ and click add a new account.
  4. Follow the Play+ registration steps, which include identifying yourself (address, I.D, DOB).
  5. Read and confirm the Play+ terms and conditions. 
  6. Click confirm and get instant account verification.
  7. Add funds from your debit or credit card instantly.
  8. Transfer the funds to the casino instantly.
  9. Start playing!

Security and Safety of Play+

So how does Play+ ensure player safety? Firstly, they are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), and all players’ funds are held securely in a separate bank (ensuring funds are safe and insured should anything happen to the casino). Secondly, every Play+ account and the card are pin-protected, so it is safe to use online and at the ATM, and lastly, all unauthorized payments (in scenarios where your card is lost or stolen) are protected against. The main security benefit is that Play+ is a prepaid card, and so the amount of credit is controlled, and you’ll never have to give out your full bank details to a casino.

Find Your Perfect Play+ Casino Now

Use the search function on our homepage to list casinos that offer Play+ and select the type of software, bonuses, and other casino features you want. This will generate a personalized toplist of the best online casinos according to your criteria. Whether it’s the quickest cashouts or high-roller casinos, you'll find your perfect site at Casino Cabbie.

Play+ FAQs

Is it legal to play at an online casino with Play+?

Yes, Play+ was created for online casino and sportsbook players. It is legal, safe, and regulated.

How much can I deposit at an online casino using Play+?

The maximum deposits for regular Play+ members are $2,000/day, $4,500/week and $10,000/ month. The maximum amount you can have in your account is $25,000.

How much can I withdraw with Play+?

The maximum withdrawal amount is $25,000 (the account limit), but each casino may also set their limits per transaction, although many opt for the Play+ limits stated.

How can I check my Play+ balance?

You can check your balance and operate your account at

Is Play+ safe?

Yes. Play+ keeps player funds separate, is FDIC insured, uses pin protection, and online tech keeps players’ transactions safe and secure as they gamble online.

How available is Play+ in the USA?

Play+ is one of the most popular US online casino payment methods and is offered by almost every casino as they can’t resist the easy and safe payment tech, ability to brand cards, and link loyalty schemes.

What is the difference between Play+ and PayPal?

In terms of how these two payment methods work, there's not much difference. However, they offer different limits, and unlike PayPal, Play+ was designed for casino players, so it has also sorts of little perks, like casino branding and linking bonuses.

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